Luxury hotel and resort properties around the world are highly focused on ensuring that service standards are consistently met, and exceeded. Whether it is for the housekeeping department, or the spa, conducting assessments routinely enables GMs, HR and Training managers to understand gaps in performance, and allows operational changes to be made, and targeted training efforts launched to address issues proactively and systematically.

Celeritas offers an out-of-the-box mobile app solution, built on the iOS and Android platforms, that can get a property started on service standards assessments, and internal “mystery shopping” programs within a few weeks. Customization is done for each property or chain to align with visual brand guidelines, integrate with employee data, and update all standards to be enforced. A web-based reporting and analytics tool can be accessed for real-time data.

With Hivelet, you no longer have to spend valuable time on determining where the issues are…only on solving them.

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Your employees need to be able to access the information they need to perform their jobs effectively, anytime and anywhere. With increasing more workers utilizing their mobile devices for work related tasks, organizations struggle with placing the right information and data at their employees’ fingertips.

Our secure Job Guru mobile app solution, supported on the iOS and Android platforms, allows any organization to unlock it’s organizational knowledge and make it readily available for workers to access. With a range of pre-built features, including the ability to search quickly across tagged categories, opening and completing checklists, getting in-app support from peers or experts, and viewing organizational data, the Job Guru app reduces significantly the time needed to find relevant information and hence increases overall employee productivity.

Job Guru is the innovative performance support mobile app that supports your digital transformation objectives.

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The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) conducts thousands of inspections at the 25,000+ restaurants in the city of New York, on an annual basis. Inspectors check for compliance in food handling, food temperature, personal hygiene and vermin control. Restaurants receive points for violations and the lower the number of points, the better the grade provided by the inspector. Restaurant grades impact restaurant sales – customers don’t like to visit restaurants that are B, C or lower. Restaurants on the other hand struggle with understanding the regulations and self-assessing compliance with regulations.

The NYC Food Safety App is a free app, built for iOS and Android platforms, that helps restaurant owners run self-inspections to identify problem areas – and rectify these prior to a DOHMH inspection. The app contains 100+ short videos covering a wide range of food safety topics, in both English and Spanish, designed specifically to help restaurant owners educate their managers and staff. An optional feature, a blue-tooth enabled temperate probe, allows temperatures to be recorded in the app to capture potential issues with refrigeration, storage or handling.

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