Our deep UI/UX expertise allows us to design mobile apps and websites that speak to your users….whether it’s for iOS, Android, or web browser platforms, the end result is always robust, secure and scalable technology, that integrates seamlessly with your other systems.


We know how critical it is to capture the essence of the “story” and communicate key messages through a compelling and engaging style….so we produce videos that span white-board animations to 360-degree virtual tours, and everything in between…working within the budgets and time frames our clients prescribe for us!


From instructional design work for classroom training, design and development of eLearning modules, and implementations of Moodle-based LMS solutions…..we’ve got your learning program needs covered! We engage stakeholders in a structured process designed to produce high-quality deliverables quickly and efficiently.


Our team of experienced professionals can help you with performing market research studies, developing Excel models, or designing print materials for your marketing campaigns….wherever our clients need us, we’re able to step in, collaborate closely, and develop collateral that can support critical initiatives.


Why do our clients enjoy working with us? Because we make their challenges our own, and their priorities, ours. We innovate, create, engineer, support and evaluate. Our work varies greatly from one project to the next since our clients are unique and we strive to develop one-of-a-kind solutions every single time!

Vision & Goals

This phase is all about strategy – where you are, where you want to be, and how you plan on getting there.

Create & Demonstrate

We don’t expect you to worry about the creative details or to digest all the technical aspects. So, we often build prototypes so you provide feedback and iterate with us before we invest time in building.

Build & Test

With the solution designed and with a meeting of the minds on how it will work, we go off and build it. Once it’s built, we fine-tune to ensure that what you get is above and beyond your expectations.


At Celeritas Solutions, we strive to turn every challenge into an opportunity. An opportunity to start with something, shape it, and transform it into a valuable asset. This is what we direct our creative energy into.

  • The bigger picture is a mixture of creativity and expertise. Finding the right combo is crucial to the success of your digital project.
  • We’re sticklers for detail, so we spend a great deal of time on quality control to make sure that when you review, you don’t have more than a few tweaks to suggest.
  • We stay connected to you well after the project is officially marked “done and dusted”. That means we can help you react quickly when you need to adjust your strategy.


We’re an integrated team of creative directors, UI/UX designers, instructional designers, project managers, graphic designers, animators, editors, content writers, eLearning developers, QA specialists, iOS developers, business analysts, Android programmers, Excel gurus, and client services managers. We have one thing in common…..to bring our best thinking, deepest talents, and rigorous focus to solving the problems our clients give us the privilege to help solve.