Video Production

Telling the stories that create impact for our clients.

Video production (animated and live):

Brands know that effective video content can drive results. Whether the desired impact relates to marketing or training objectives, the need to have the key messages communicated in the shortest possible duration requires the story for each video to be crafted with precision balanced with creativity. At CDS, we explores ideas in a creative environment and brings them to life through 2D-3D animations – or from footage shot by our production teams.

CDS offers a full range of video production services, from storyboarding and scriptwriting to videotaping, post production editing and graphic design. We are a one-stop full service video studio and work in a wide range of media and styles. We specialize in all aspects of video production from commercials and training videos to marketing videos and documentaries for corporations and non-profit organizations.

We value our clients and will always strive to offer the best service and value for high-quality video and media productions services. Our company is highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of production and our team of award-winning producers, directors, camera operators, scriptwriters and video editors do a magnificent job on every project.

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