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Case studies demonstrating the impact we have helped create.


Veritas, an innovative online learning platform for the veterinary community, was launched in 2012 as a partnership between Zoetis, Cornell University and Texas A&M University. The launch took place at the AVMA conference in San Diego where practitioners, faculty members, and students attended in large numbers. In order to generate further publicity for Veritas, and develop a portfolio of video clips to be used for marketing campaigns and the website, CDS was commissioned to capture footage from the conference and conduct interviews of senior executives.


The CDS content team prepared briefs to guide the interviews with executives and a detailed shoot plan was assembled. Our production team traveled to the conference location and performed a pre-production site survey. The shoot was conducted using high-end digital equipment. In order to keep things moving at the Veritas booth, our director tag-teamed with the Veritas sales team to engage visitors and do quick Q&As for a testimonials video. The footage of executives and booth-visitors and the b-roll from the shoot was edited by our in-house team to produce a series of videos that were used extensively for marketing purposes.


The videos produced by CDS allowed Veritas to stretch the marketing dollars it had invested in the AVMA conference.


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