Driving results through targeted and interactive learning content.

eLearning content development:

Our custom development division, creates customized online learning programs for organizations' unique training needs. Using our development methodology, our team of instructional designers, visual designers and course authoring developers ensure the appropriate learning techniques are incorporated to maximize the effectiveness of eLearning content. We build learning treatments that are engaging and effective – using a combination of graphics, animations, simulations and interactivity, pre and post testing, pop quizzes, imbedded reference materials. We can help you achieve the results you want!

CDS works with all sizes of businesses, often through training partners, to create e-learning courses that are both accessible and effective. We have a practical and pragmatic approach - and have the experience to know what works. We believe that the most effective learning content is fun, engaging and, wherever possible, short. We know that learners generally want to spend as little time learning as possible and get on with their jobs. Their employers, realistically speaking, want the same: e-learning that focuses quickly on the core topics, teaches what needs to be learnt, then gets people back to their jobs - e-learning that creates a lasting impression in a short time.

Way too much e-learning is really 'slideware'; while this has its place, our expertise is in more interactive and media-rich courses that combine voice, music and video into a learning experience that's really memorable.

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