Getting from point A to point Z quickly and efficiently.

At CDS, we strive to turn every challenge into an opportunity. An opportunity to start with something, shape it, and transform it into a valuable asset. This is what we direct our creative energy into.

Vision & Goals

This phase is all about strategy – where you are, where you want to be, and how you plan on getting there. We'll work together to come up with a plan, a timeline, a budget, a solution and a content strategy. To do this, we get inside your head and think with you. Together we strategize the bigger picture and determine the optimal path forward to meet your goals in the shortest possible time and the most reasonable price tag.

Create & Demonstrate

The bigger picture is a mixture of creativity and expertise. Finding the right combo is crucial to the success of your digital project. This is our chance to think big, to put all the ideas on the table and see what we come up with. With a strong understanding of your business, and your audiences, we'll come up with a solution that we can iterate on with you to lock down something that we are all comfortable with and excited about.

We don't expect you to worry about the creative details or to digest all the technical aspects. We just need your trust. Trust that we are experts in what we do and have numerous projects under our belt. We have a good sense for what works, and what may not. And we bring this knowledge to bear for you.

Build & Test

With the solution designed and with a meeting of the minds on how it will work, we go off and build it. Like every production or development effort, we leverage the right tools and frameworks depending on the specific needs of the project. We're sticklers for detail, so we spend a great deal of time on quality control to make sure that once we hand over a deliverable to you for review, your comments are minor enough that they can be a scribbled on a Post-It note!

Analyze & Evolve

Once the project is launched, we all relax for a few days – and then we start worrying about how the digital solution is being utilized by your audiences, whether it is as effective as we had projected, and above all, what we can do to evolve and improve. We stay connected to you well after the project is officially marked "done and dusted". Because our approach is focused on driving results for you – not on marking projects officially closed.

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